A Conversation of Consciousness in Decentralized Spaces

Digital Bodies is a virtual publication effort sponsored by Sirsu Goods that develops stories and artifacts on the Ethereum Blockchain. These stories are in part, an attempt to intellectualize the nodes of habit around scarcity and the quest to build identities within the digital landscape in ways social media, communication apps and other means of expression could not. 

We utilize ERC-721 protocols to register our stories and artifacts on the public ledger to verify ownership for all works developed by us and our partners. This “smart contract” attributes ownership to one unique owner at a time creating the same scarce conditions of rare collectible assets.

For submissions, we will announce if and when those opportunities are available.

Links of Note: MintBase | Rarible | KnownOrigin | Foundation (2021)


Ameer “Sirsu” Suhayb Carter
(39.9526° N, 75.1652° W)
About the Artist
Mixed media artist who works with portraits, physical objects and digital works in abstract...or at least feels more abstracted than organic. Inspired by the works of Jason Thielke and Ashley Wood, I look to evoke emotion through precise line work, color, texture and contrast with compositions that feel ethereal and otherworldly.

“The eyes of mind are beyond my vestige of being—perhaps they can be channeled through other senses. Your own sight will fail you, as it had failed mine. Don’t be blind in spirit—you will lose more than your ability to see.”