CRT Madness (IV): Propaganda Movements

Artifact#: DB-CRTMAD4-EX02
Token ID: #234500
Edition of: 3
Starting Price: .275 ETH
Alt Sold in Bundle: .57 ETH

Artist: Ameer Suhayb Carter x MEZZ
Moniker: SIRSU
Tooling: Make Human, Illustrator, Photoshop
→ For Mezz: Cinema4D / Octane / Affinity Designer / After Effects

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Digital Bodies
Part of SIRSU's "Exploring Form: Digital Bodies" Series, the debut collection seeks to discuss transience, the state of the union, enlightenment and the human experience. This piece, [CRT Madness] is the second collaboration of SIRSU's Digital Bodies project with MEZZ VISUALS, a 3D designer and marketing director.

Purchase includes ownership mention on the Digital Bodies website (digitalbodies.xyz), the Digital Bodies VR Show with the Infinite Art Museum, a "FOUNDER" NFT for access to Digital Bodies events and special drops, and a special transformative augment to this piece (revealed on the 15th of November).

ALT - Legionnaire Edition

Founder: Sushinobi

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