CRT Madness (II): Plugged In, Relic of the Forgotten Ones

Artifact#: DB-CRTMAD2-EX02
Token ID: #234500
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 1.75 ETH

Artist: Ameer Suhayb Carter x MEZZ
Moniker: SIRSU
Tooling: Make Human, Illustrator, Photoshop
→ For Mezz: Cinema4D / Octane / Affinity Designer / After Effects

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Digital Bodies
Part of SIRSU's "Exploring Form: Digital Bodies" Series, the debut collection seeks to discuss transience, the state of the union, enlightenment and the human experience. This piece, [CRT Madness] is the second collaboration of SIRSU's Digital Bodies project with MEZZ VISUALS, a 3D designer and marketing director.

Purchase includes ownership mention on the Digital Bodies website (digitalbodies.xyz), the Digital Bodies VR Show with the Infinite Art Museum, a "FOUNDER" NFT for access to Digital Bodies events and special drops, and a special transformative augment to this piece (revealed on the 15th of November).

Relic of the Forgotten Ones → 

Plugged In:

They erected these monuments back then to feed citizens propaganda under the guise of keeping us civilized—though I'm sure the intent was far more sinister. Democracy was no longer in view, and autocracy took shape. Regression...that's the name of the game. Those who moved in accordance with it, died just as meaningless as these statues of static retention and erosion—relics of the forgotten ones.