CRT Madness (I to V)

Artifact#: DB-CRTMAD-EX02
Token ID: #232400 
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 3 ETH

Artist: Ameer Suhayb Carter x MEZZ
Moniker: SIRSU
Tooling: Make Human, Illustrator, Photoshop
→ For Mezz: Cinema4D / Octane / Affinity Designer / After Effects

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Digital Bodies
Part of SIRSU's "Exploring Form: Digital Bodies" Series, the debut collection seeks to discuss transience, the state of the union, enlightenment and the human experience. This piece, [CRT Madness] is the second collaboration of SIRSU's Digital Bodies project with MEZZ VISUALS, a 3D designer and marketing director.

Purchase includes ownership mention on the Digital Bodies website (digitalbodies.xyz), the Digital Bodies VR Show with the Infinite Art Museum, a "FOUNDER" NFT for access to Digital Bodies events and special drops, and a special transformative augment to this piece (revealed on the 15th of November).

The Intent → 

Captain’s Log || 4.11.2174 04:33:02 //

They said that the CRT trainings would give us some understanding of the past. I’m not entirely convinced we have done that more than my crew has succumbed to wild ideas and madness. I cannot begin to quantify it all truth be told. I suppose this should be a warning for anyone looking to peels the layers back when it comes to the Naughts of yesteryear.

It seems we’re 20 years from repeating itself — I hope to be gone way before then. Besides, a spaceman adrift for 100 years does a number on the mind...and the spirit.

Captain’s Log || 23.11.2174 13:20:18 //

Apps are ruining my life.
I hate how technology makes me feel.

Everyday, I’m constantly checking every fucking ring and bell and chime my phone can muster.

Everyday, I’m studying every cultural phenomena to make sense of how these sheep bought into their eventual, habitual utilization of social products that have murdered them.

Everyday, I’m making decisions to create those same patterns to users for products I’ve been hired to design.

And I hate myself for it.

Very apropos.

I hate that voices are silenced by those who balloon their titles and status like a self-appointed “thought leader” which is kind of odd considering how we were taught that those with egos died over 40 years ago. Perhaps it’s too soon to truly tell.

This isn’t some rant that will lead into an intellegent, and compelling reason for me feeling the way I do. I just don’t like people like me and other designers, engineers and business people continue to create.

I’ve spent 4 years in DARPA undergoing Past Simulation training [hence the CRTs] learning the theory and psychology behind human behavior, business logic and leveraging those insights to develop manipulative solutions framed as “design” to help companies make shit loads of money at the expense of my morality.

I’m fucking tired of it and my career just started. I graduated two years ago and catapulted into directorship and in that short time period I’ve learned two things:

Design if wielded in the hands of savvy businesses, will ultimately use design to the detriment of their consumers to increase their money, and boost their image as “leaders” and “revolutionaries.”

Designers can manipulate businesses that are unknown to the power of design to extort money from business owners (even if these designers are subpar).

At this point, you might surmise that I’m too young and I don’t know what I don’t know and that I’m jaded and disgruntled.

You’re damned right.
I don’t like what current design represents.
And I don’t like using my talents for personal glory or to get rich with a startup.


What we do is supposed to be a privilege — an opportunity to create something that provides access and accountability. We are supposed to be liberators and problem solvers tackling real issues.

Instead, we waste our knowledge pushing pixels and mapping out experiences that bait users into bad, addicting habits under the ruse of “gamification.” The reality is that games are multidimensional and capable of mature themes and narratives, not stupid parlor tricks to keep people engaged enough to instantly gratify them with every action they take.

Instead of contributing some of our time to pro-bono efforts, becoming more of a voice in public policy and local government, speaking out against hate and racism, sexism and bigotry, we have continually shown the world that designers can’t even come together to design a better system for society to live in. We’d rather just play into the saviorism shtick with NGO’s to design something to disperse condoms to african villagers, take photos and say, “we’re making a difference.”

No the fuck you’re not.

This shit is depressing.

I can’t focus at work. I can’t focus on my projects. I’ve got lapses in time that I can’t account for. I’ve seen a neurologist to try and explain these memory gaps and I’m fucking 23. What the fuck. I’m stressed out and over all of it.

I always told myself that if I ever got to a point where something is so stressful it causes physical harm––to get the FUCK out of there.

So that’s what I’m doing.