Ideas In Motion (Diptych)

Artifact#: DB-IIM-A4
Token ID: #227000 
Edition of: 1
Starting Price: 3 ETH

Artist: Ameer Suhayb Carter x ARTiNFORMATION
Moniker: SIRSU
Tooling: Illustrator, Photoshop.

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Digital Bodies
Part of SIRSU's "Exploring Form: Digital Bodies" Series, the debut collection seeks to discuss transience, the state of the union, enlightenment and the human experience. This piece, Ideas in Motion is the first collaboration of SIRSU's Digital Bodies project with ARTiNFORMATION, a publication focused on the intersection of art and information.

Purchase includes ownership mention on the Digital Bodies website (digitalbodies.xyz), the Digital Bodies VR Show with the Infinite Art Museum, a "FOUNDER" NFT for access to Digital Bodies events and special drops, and a special transformative augment to this piece (revealed on the 15th of November).

Foreword from ARTiNFORMATION:

(Left) Macro to Micro

In the macro, concepts are maintained by the cultural ethos of the day. For human beings to preserve their collective identity and for the collective to have access to a collective consciousness, older ideas must be continually recycled. In the macro, the collective consciousness is maintained through the persistence of history. Who were we yesterday? Is it the same as today?

Meanwhile, in the micro concepts are to be implemented, it's up to individuals to push and change culture. Ultimately it's up to individuals to decide how to influence the collective thought. The micro is the true active agent.


(Right) Transit Systems

New digital processes allow great elements and products to be formulations of the outside world. Commoditization's very role is to collect pieces already existing in the world, take those elements in their abstract state, and contextualize them as products; products to be sold. In this world, everything is recycled.

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